Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Archimedrix toys are indeed biodegradable. Our commitment to environmental responsibility is evident in the incorporation of a biosphere additive during the manufacturing process. This ensures that our toys break down naturally, contributing to a sustainable and eco-friendly play experience for your child. Play with peace of mind, knowing that Archimedrix prioritizes both the joy of play and the well-being of our planet.

Yes, we use both transparent and opaque HQABS plastic. Depending on which set you have you may be able to see the magnets in our toys. No matter which geometric shape you have each one is sonic welded and the magnets are safe and secure.

Archimedrix are made to the highest quality. Each geometric magnetic shape is Sonic welded using BPA free HQABS and Neodymium magnets.

Absolutely, Archimedrix toys are guaranteed to be phthalate-free. Our commitment to safety is reinforced by thorough lab testing and certification, ensuring that our toys meet the highest standards of quality. Rest assured, when your child plays with Archimedrix toys, they enjoy a safe and healthy play environment, free from harmful phthalates. Your peace of mind is our priority.